I have the same dream every night: I am on a beach. My eyes are closed and my hands – stretched open. I am bathing in the sunlight and marveling at the easiness of the moment. Then, my eyes open. I see the shore, which looks boundless, and a wild jungle positioned miles behind me. […]

My Heart

I want someone to know my heart as well I know it. The fevers that wreak havoc upon it; the abyss that seems to expand as my lived experiences do. I don’t know if it’s interesting or worthwhile, but something tells me I’d be better off. But, this thought is utterly meaningless because living in […]


There is a sheen that works its way, out of the edges of my mind; it metastasizes to my physicality. Untouchable, indestructible; undetectable. I daringly gaze into the eyes of otherwise faceless people. I implore them–anyone– to visualize the framework of my audacious, unsteady mind; the truths that I hide, the venom that spills occasionally […]